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15 Eye Catching Light Brown Hair Color Ideas

by designvessel

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Light Hazelnut Brown Hair

We’re so smitten! This cute bob gets the Ideal Quantities Of heat, volume, and thickness! The dark brown foundation was spruced up with a hazelnut balayage; and also the highlights start very near the roots. The organic dark foundation creates a lowlights impact that provides depth and highlights on the loudness of the style. The bob includes a weathered end, making an adorably cluttered look that’s stolen our hearts.

Light Brown Balayage With Auburn Undertones

This Gorgeous style incorporates a sleek fade out of a dark Brunette into a beige. The brunette base generates a lowlights impact which will help add thickness and an illusion of quantity into the nice hair while the milder ends attract all of the attention. This style is excellent for fine-haired girls who wish to go lighter.

Smooth Light Brown Bob

This sleek light brown haired incorporates everything we love. From a subtle comparison and fine highlights into a lovely fade, it’s the right Quantities of everything. The design is lively yet straightforward. The medium brown foundation fades To a gorgeous light brown while keeping it natural and classy. This fashion Is ideal for girls with nice hair.

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