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15 Eye Catching Light Brown Hair Color Ideas

by designvessel

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Dark Hair To Light Brown Balayage

Melting butterscotch. This was the First Thing came to Mind once we laid eyes on this particular style. The brunette foundation was emphasized and melted into a gorgeous light brown. The highlights are painted in thin sections and commence very near the roots. As you advance to the decreased lengths of this design, it fades into a butterscotch brown. This style is ideal for girls with hair that is fine. It adds dimension and texture.

Overweight Light Brown Balayage

Finding an intense color change means needing to attend Routine touch-ups to maintain your hair looking natural. This appearance, nevertheless, was styled using a hefty balayage, which provides you the desirable lighter appearance without the maintenance that a good color would require. The design will appear equally as natural climbing out as it will freshly paint.

Light Brown Baby lights

Baby lights are a timeless look that Won’t Ever go from style. No matter what color your hair is, a subtle baby lights fade is among the greatest ways to liven it up. This mild brown baby lights appearance is a super low-maintenance style that’s guaranteed to add dimension to your own hair. The brownish roots fade to a lighter brown, making a natural appearing melt.

Light Ash Brown Hair Color

Tones so chilly are a rarity on hair that is brown. But, This fashion does its title justice. The light brown locks are toned to perfection to accomplish the ideal ashy color. The stylist has also added milder ash highlights into the appearance. The highlights are put in thin sections, which makes this style ideal for girls with thin hair thinning.

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