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21 Most Elegant Chestnut Brown Hair Color Ideas

by designvessel

Brown is an elegant color and chestnut brown is the precise combination of boldness and natural red of browns. The aristocrat mixture creates a shade that is not too heavy and dark too. Let’s dig into the 20 most elegant Chestnut brown hair color ideas.

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Curly Chestnut Hair

Your bouncy curls will show up as a gorgeous natural style. The will be fabulous and nourished with moisture. The dark chestnut hair color will be entirely surprising. You can create an ombre effect keeping the roots natural.

Light Colored

Everyone should love this light-colored chestnut brown hair perfect for fall as well as the winter season. Your wavy long hair will give you the color melt. The amplified layers will look fantastic.

Golden Brown Chestnut

As chestnut is a rich choice of color you always can go for the golden brown chestnut haircut. This chestnut style looks impressive like the supermodels.

Chestnut with Red Highlights

This is one of the best chestnut brown hair dyes with the darker roots. A shade of red can amp up your hair dye job delightfully.


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