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23 Best Brown Hair With Highlights

by designvessel

Brown Ombre

23 Best Brown Hair With Highlights

Long hair works well to flaunt a transition out of dark Brownish into a medium golden brown hair color. This ombre-balayage mix is simply magnificently paired with gentle curls and long layers. Additionally, the color upkeep is simple!

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Honey Gold Brunette

Finding the Proper honey gold-brown hair is readily Possible if you reveal your hairstylist that hair-into. Keep it neutral and sweet.

Tiger-Eye Golden Brunette

Unsure which kind of gold-brown you desire? Perhaps a mix Of gold and aluminum will suit you nicely like shown here. These golden brown stripes are put throughout her hair in addition to a dark foundation and we love it.

Light Golden Chestnut

23 Best Brown Hair With Highlights

Get the lived-in appearance by incorporating gold-brown hair with Blonde highlights with a balayage technique which renders a couple of inches of origin in-place. Does this spice up your look without overpowering your natural color, it does not require much maintenance.

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