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20 Best Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls

by designvessel

The Pony Twist

Playful using a side of adorned spins, Faith Herman Stones a look we could all be jealous of. Secure her updo sew twist with a couple of bobby pins and You’ll Have a fresh protective fashion that will last for times.

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Braided Faux-Hawk

She will be a bonded head-turner within this faux-hawk Edgy whilst providing just the correct quantity of flair, you will find over a couple of tactics to stone this textured trademark fashion.

Pompadour Fun

A statement style that is simple and elegant? We can not help but believe Shahadi Wright Joseph loves being a scene-stealer in this stylish update to the traditional bun.

Easy Wash-n-Go

Here is the ideal wash-n-go alternative for healthful coils. Prove Her the ropes by moisturizing using a mild leave-in conditioner afterward air drying (it is totally ok to ditch the sexy blow dryer, you will thank us later!). Do not forget to replicate and different strands for the Complete effect

Slick Flat Twist

Making new textures and shapes is the way your lady will grow To love her own hair (and that is the key, right?). Get creative with protective fashions similar to this one worn with Eris Baker. A level, twisted low-bun is the best no-fuss style for any event.

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